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Q, When does it rain the most?
A, There are two rainy seasons here. One in May and one in November. It may rain several times a day during these months.

Q, Should I expect rain during my trip?
A, Depending on the region, while not on rainy season, it may rain occasionally and for a very short period of time and then it may be sunny or a little bit cloudy just after that. Rain doesn't usually last the whole day and the weather is usually gorgeous.

Q, What is All-inclusive?
A, All inclusive means that all the food and drinks are included in the hotel price.

Q, Can I get from Santo Doming airport to Punta Cana with public transport?
A, There is public transport but not recommended. It is extremely crowded and very disorganized. Also the buses do not come to the airport but depart from the main road.

Q, My family is planning a trip to Punta Cana in mid-April. Does our stay coincide with the Dominican baseball season?
A, The Dominican Republic, where baseball players grow on palm trees, has two seasons: the Summer League, which runs from late April to September, and the Winter League, which goes from October to January and culminates with the multi-nation Caribbean World Series in February.

Q, Is the D.R. safe?
A, Don't believe all you hear about the Dominican Republic being unsafe! Yes, it is close to Haiti. They share the same island: Hispaniola, but they are nothing alike. The Dominican Republic is very safe. Just take the same precautions that you would anywhere. Not walking down dark streets at night, not flashing large amounts of cash or wearing expensive jewellery. Why give anyone the temptation? If you are at all unsure, don't do it. Many others would think nothing of it- again, it is up to you. It is always a good idea to check with the U.S Department of State for Travel Advisories for any country you may be visiting.

Q, Do I need an electric adapter to use electronic devices in D.R.?
A, If you come from the U.S. you don't, but if you come from Europe and several other countries you do need adapters since the sockets in D.R. are of Type A and Type B North American standard sockets(see Wikipedia: AC power plugs and sockets) and have a power of 110 volts not 220 volts. We advise you to have an universal adapter for your trip or contact your hotel for information on what types of sockets the rooms have prior to your arrival.

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