Team Building Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Team This adventure is ideal for companies as an incentive tour or large groups such as family reunions or friends.

This Treasure Hunt Adventure creates a fun cultural tour that builds teamwork and bonding. Teams work together to search for the Taino Indian treasure by means of maps with clues along the way. The Treasure Hunt can be personalized to fit any size group and requirements with a maximun capacity for 400 people.

The Treasure Hunt consists in finding 1/3 of a map which is buried at 3 sites, the sugarcane fields, Maria's plantation and at our Beach Ranch. Putting the 3 parts together shows where the final treasure is hidden.  Each truck has a designated team captain which gathers his team to discuss the 3 clues that are given. One clue gives the point from which to begin the hunt, the second clue gives the direction in which to go and the third clue gives you the distance from the starting point.

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