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Are you an adrenaline seeker? Then our Canopy Tour in Anamuya is the perfect adventure for you.

Built within the high canopies of the trees,  the cables are up to 700 meters long, making them the longest on the island!

The journey starts with a training from Professional guides. Only when your safety equipment has been securely placed and instructions full given, you will be allowed to step up to your first platform and attached to the safety cables so you can experience the amazing 'flying ' sensation as you head to the next platform.

 The double cables ensure the highest form of safety and as you traverse from platform to platform. Your guides will assist you in every way, also their knowledge skills in flora and fauna will come to light as you have a personal guided tour.

You will be looking down at the jungle while crossing streams and even a country road!

When the last platform is insight, it’s to head back to base where fresh fruit, sodas, water and even a beer is available, in case you feel like it.

Sit back and relax and enjoy your adventura all over again as you watch the DVD, extra charge, as you laugh as see yourself fly through the air.

{xtypo_rounded4}This will be the highlight of your vacation. It is an adrenaline rush that will last for a life time!{/xtypo_rounded4}



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