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Awake your tropical emotions!
Caribbean vacations are truly so only when you live our STING RAY BAY - CARIBBEAN FESTIVAL excursion.
Enjoy the most original combination with Caribbean Festival! With a fantastic mix of fun and adventure you will do something completely different and entertaining. Admire the most amazing scenery of the coastline while sailing on our huge double floor catamaran.
Sail toward stingray bay, our huge sea pen in the middle of the ocean, a private and exclusive floating aquarium. Get an adrenaline shot by swimming with our nurse sharks at our private and exclusive floating aquarium "Stingray Bay", and even get up close with our stingrays, with the safest interaction program in the world. During the interaction you will be able to learn awesome facts about these docile animals while petting them on their back, their belly while standing in waist deep water, on our comfortable stingray interaction platform.

Come along, enjoy snorkeling and observe many tropical fish around the coral reefs of Punta Cana. Watch in amazement as our boat comes alive with the Dominican Carnival unfolding all around you, and let our staff teach how to dance Caribbean style.



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