The Dominican Republic has one of the most expansive coastlines in the Caribbean with more than 800 miles of diverse ecological environments ranging from desert to tropical rain forest.

Regardless of where visitors choose to drop anchor, grand mountain backdrops, white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters are sure to meet them.

Sailing across


Arrival Process

This is pretty straightforward. Fly Q when entering and as usual passengers and crew are instructed not to leave the vessel before the inspection has been completed.

Upon arrival to a port, vessels are required by Dominican Republic authorities to have all papers and fees ready for inspection. This includes:

  • Boat registration
  • Passports
  • Five percent (5%) of the vessel's dockage before tax charged by Dominican Port Authority.
  • Ten USD ($10) or equivalent in Dominican Pesos to the Dominican Navy for a Dispatch Letter only when departing to a foreign port; vessels traveling in Dominican waters from one marina to another do not pay any fees regarding the Dispatch Letter.
  • Tem USD ($10) for each passenger on the vessel (excluding the crew of the Vessel) paid to Immigration
  • Sixteen USD ($16 or DOP 500) for each crew or passenger that leaves the Dominican Republic or arrives to the country by plane and is des-enrolling or enrolling on a vessel.

Please note that fees are only accepted in United States Dollars and can be paid to the port authorities at the marina but usually they prefer that it is paid to the inspector when the board. Being flexible and having an open mind will help out during the process. Just so you know, some "inspectors" expect to get some tip. Please send us a mail if you have questions regarding marinas or procedures, we are sailors ourselves.

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