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Proud of our Dominican roots, we present you brushstrokes of our great culture.

It is with much love and dedication that we offer you this excursion so you can spend some time away from your hotel to enjoy the real life of a Dominican countryman, and of course visit the spectacular sites of our mountains with the surrounding flora and fauna.

This great experience will give the opportunity to you and your family to learn about our history through a series of prepared visits to our sites.

Our highly qualified staff is ready to aid you in any circumstance. They not only are knowledgeable in our country's history, but are aware that you wish to have fun and relax in a safe and respectful environment so they'll make you feel like a member of the family.

Because we are proud of our culture is why we enjoy sharing it with you in a completely personal and professional way. We want you to live with us what it means to be a Dominican.

This is an experience that you won't get at any hotel.

Dare yourself and come with us for a wonderful day being  part of the Compay Eco Safari Family!


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